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Meet the Judges

So just who the heck do we think we are? Allow us to introduce ourselves.


Thirteen-year-old Sabrina, or "Sab," as we call her, is a budding author in her own right. She is an original founder of Stories Will Be Told"., and works tirelessly to improve the club. She hails from Australia. Her stories can be found at Stories From Albertane. Sab is in the ninth grade. (Megan is Sab's co-judge)


Lee is Jenn's replacement. This soon to be 19-year-old girl lives in Sweden and is a senior in High School. She co-runs the website 3B - the ZITe, which features The Annual Hanson Advent Calendar. At the moment you can read some of her writings at the site Talking To Mars, check under 'hosted' More of her writings will come shortly. (Amanda is Lee's co-judge)


The last of the founder judges is 29-year-old Jamie, who was only recently made a club founder. She lives in Indiana in the United States, and is an editorial coordinator for special sections at a twice weekly newspaper in Indiana. She has written several Hanfics, which are at her site, Jamie's Creativity Haven. (Sharon is Jamie's co-judge)

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