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The Categories

**When nominating, be sure the subject line stays the same or is clear to us. If we don't know, we can't consider your nomination.**

The cagegories with a * on either side of it have their future in your hands. If you wish to have this as one of the final categories, please try and nominate more in these categories than in the others. If possible, tell friends to vote for these as well.

About the Stories ...

Best Character Development of Isaac as a Main Character

We all know that Isaac is a complex guy. Hanfic authors have done a great job of bringing him to life in a variety of different ways. What story do you feel really fleshed Isaac out? Think of a story that, when you were finished, left you feeling like you really knew the Isaac the author had written about.

Best Character Development of Taylor as a Main Character

If you took a count, you would probably find that a vast majority of Hanfics probably center around the middle brother. What story really takes Taylor on a journey and you along with him? Tell us what Hanfic took you inside Taylor Hanson's head.

Best Character Development of Zac as a Main Character

He may be the littlest of the famous Hansons, but there's a lot more than meets the eye to Zachary. Is there a story that you really think makes him jump right off the screen at you? Did a certain Hanfic based on Zac make you laugh or cry with him?

*Best Isaac in a Supporting Role*

Sometimes, the second bananas in Hanfics are the characters that end up making the story. Can you think of one where that was Isaac's role? Where the story just wouldn't have turned out the same or been as good had he not been there?

*Best Taylor in a Supporting Role*

Hey, he can't be the main dude in every Hanfic. Is there one that really struck you where he was kind of on the sidelines, but having him there just worked?

*Best Zac in a Supporting Role*

Think of a Hanfic where Zac isn't the lead role, but where his part is so integral to the story that you couldn't imagine him not being there. This category is for stories where Zac is the silent hero.

Best Development of Non-Hanson Characters

Is there a Hanfic in your bookmarks list with characters you truly care about? This is the category for you to nominate their stories in.

*Best Use of Language/Most Cleanly Written Story*

This category is for stories that are easy to read because of their technical excellence.

Best Dramatic Story

If the story had you reaching for your hankies, this is the category in which to nominate it.

Best Comedic Story

Did it have you rolling on the floor laughing? Did you almost wet your pants? Nominate that Hanfic here.

Best Erotic Story

Use your heads here. This does not mean trash where one of the brothers is running around boffing everything in a skirt. It means stories of substance that just happen to have erotic themes.

Best Use of Short Story Format

It really is harder to say what you need to in a short format. This category is to honor those Hanfics that accomplish that goal and do it well.

Best Plotline

Was it believable? Did it touch you in ways you never thought Hanfic could? Was is well-written and original? This is the place for you to give it your nod.

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