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Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for...

The winner's are...

Best Character Development of Isaac as a Main Character

Nothing Moves At Midnight by Allee Thireau-Jaques

Best Character Development of Taylor as a Main Character

Think Of Laura by Karen

Best Character Development of Zac as a Main Character

If They Knew by Shelby

Best Isaac in a Supporting Role

Lady of My Heart by Karen

Best Taylor in a Supporting Role

Living For A Dream by Jenn

Best Zac in a Supporting Role

Walls by Sheryl and Laurie

Best Development of Non-Hanson Characters

A Change of Grace by Sheryl

Best Use of Language/Most Cleanly Written Story

Lived by Llamaesque

Best Dramatic Story

Walls by Sheryl and Laurie

Best Comedic Story

Tulsa 741 32 by Laurie, Sarah and Mel

Best Erotic Story

Nightfire by

Best Use of Short Story Format

Now Tell Us What You've Heard by Jessica

Best Plotline

Walls by Sheryl and Laurie

Congratulations to all these stories and their authors from Lee, Jamie and Sab!

Want to see all the banners that the winners have recieved?

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